How am I supposed to live
Happily when you’re
Sorry’s in my ear
And planting seeds of
That I am constantly
Trying to ignore

How am I supposed to
Move on when
You’re spelling stories out
As if they happened yesterday
As if we still felt the same

How am I supposed to stop
Loving you when we’re
Pouring out hearts out on
Like vibrant colours
That we can paint
Masterpieces with

It’s crazy what our brains
Decide to remember
Little things
Like the time we got lost and
Ended up at the capital
And we talked about ladders
And now every time I’m in the capitol I think about you
Even being in my own house
Makes me think about when
We built a blanket fort
And you kissed me
For the first

It feels like I can’t go
Anywhere in this God damn
Without you